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About Us

Apple Learning is managed by the Professionals/Educationists, with 20+ years of experience, having counseled more than 20,000 students; we know what is required to prepare for competitive exams. We provide most comprehensive classroom content delivered by dedicated and helpful faculties. Perhaps that is the reason that our students are our brand ambassadors. As an expert we know, how to crack these exam and what it takes to top the same. Be it Quant’s, Reasoning, Service Aptitude or English. We have additional material and experts’ team to deal with GENERAL KNOWLEDGE sessions. No wonders our competitors envy us and follow our methodology.

Our Mission


  • Focusing on foundation of fundamental concepts in respective subjects.
  • Improvisation of curriculum to provide best training covering full
  • Holistic education through customized classes on soft skills, career guidance and counseling.
  • Comprehensive training through periodic tests, regular assignments, interactive sessions, attendance supervision, etc.
  • Quality coaching by best in class faculty.

What we believe

We believe that success in examinations cannot be achieved by simple surface-level coverage of topics; this approach may appear to help in the immediate present, but will not withstand any kind of real-life challenge. Instead, we believe that lasting success is the kind that is built on a solid foundation, a foundation that comes from absolute command over your chosen field.

Our approach

We aim to give all our students a firm conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of the each subject. Our teaching methodology is a reflection of this aim. We will always encourage subject clarity over rote memorization. We derive motivation from our belief that examinations are only a precursor to life’s real tests, and long-term success comes only from true understanding and dedication. Our services like any time query solving and unlimited sittings for doubt clearance are initiatives to make the difference in the ongoing education system. We not only teach but also make sure students learn.

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